Dr Peter Frankopan

Peter Frankopan

Director of the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research
Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies
66 St. Giles
Oxford, OX1 3LU

Research interests

The Byzantine Empire; medieval Greek literature; the Crusades; the military, diplomatic and political history of the eastern Mediterranean, Russia, and Central Asia

Current projects

Byzantium on the eve of the Crusades; a new revised translation of the Alexiad of Anna Komnene (for Penguin Classics)

Recent publications

The First Crusade: The Call from the East (Bodley Head/Harvard University Press, 2012)

11th Century Military seals from Bulgaria: Some Suggestions, in Bulgaria Medievalis 2 (2011)

The Alexiad by Anna Komnene, translated, with notes and introduction (Penguin Classics, 2009)

‘Land and power in the middle and late Byzantine periods’, in ed. J. Haldon, A Social History of Byzantium (Oxford 2009), pp. 112–42

‘The Literary, Cultural and Political Context for the Twelfth-century Commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics’ in ed. C. Barber, Medieval Greek Commentaries on the Nicomachean Ethics (Leiden, 2009), pp. 45–62

‘Where Advice meets Criticism in 11th Century Byzantium : Theophylact of Ohrid, John the Oxite and their (re)presentations to the Emperor’, Al-Masaq, vol. 20 (2008), 71–88

‘Kinship and the distribution of power in Komnenian Byzantium’, English Historical Review 495 (2007), 1–34

‘The fall of Nicaea and the towns of western Asia Minor to the Turks in the later 11th century: the curious case of Nikephoros Melissenos’, Byzantion 76 (2006) 153–84

‘Challenges to imperial authority in the reign of Alexios I Komnenos: the conspiracy of Nikephoros Diogenes’, Byzantinoslavica 64 (2006), 257–74

‘Who was ‘Devgenevich’ of the Russian Primary Chronicle and ‘Pseudo-Diogenes’ of the Greek sources?’, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 29, pt 2 (2005), 147–66

‘Challenges to imperial authority in Byzantium: Revolts on Crete and Cyprus at the end of the 11th Century’, Byzantion 74 (2004), 382–402

‘Byzantine trade privileges to Venice in the eleventh century: the chrysobull of 1092’, Journal of Medieval History 30 (2004), 135–60

‘Co-operation between Constantinople and Rome before the First Crusade: a study of the convergence of interests in Croatia in the late 11th Century’, Crusades 3 (2004), 1–13

‘Some notes on Byzantine foreign policy in the 9th–11th Centuries: was there really such a thing as steppe diplomacy?, Journal of Islamic and Medieval Studies 3 (2003), 1–11

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