Recent dissertations

Porphyry head
Porphyry head, 4th cent.
(By permission of the Ashmolean Museum)

The following dissertations have been written and successfully defended at Oxford in the last five years :

  • Alessandra Bucossi, Prolegomena to the critical edition of Hiera hoplotheke – Sacred arsenal by Andronikos Kamateros (2006)
  • William Danny, Society and State in Byzantium, 1025–1071 (2007)
  • Simon Davies, Medieval Figural Sculpture in Constantinople, A.D. 829–1204 (2009)
  • Ioanna Dimopoulos, A Study of Byzantine Sgraffito Wares (11th–13th Century): Classification, Production, Circulation and Art Historical Analysis (2006)
  • Greg Fisher (Keble), Between Empires. Ghassanids, Lakhmids and Others  in Middle Eastern Borderlands, 400–600 AD (2008)
  • Judith Gilliland–Ryder, The career and writings of Demetrius Kydones : a study of Byzantine politics and society, c. 1347–c. 1373 (2006)
  • Scott Johnson (Keble), Life and Miracles of Thekla (2005)
  • Elif Keser-Kayaalp, The Ecclesiastical Architecture of Northern Mesopotamia, 300–800 AD (2009)
  • Maja Kominko, The World of Cosmas: The Universe Described and Depicted in Byzantine Manuscripts of the Christian Topography (2006)
  • Maria Kouroumali, Procopius and the Gothic War (2005)
  • Eleni Lianta, Byzantine Coinage and Money in the Economy, 1204–1453: Some Problems in Monetary Affairs (2005)
  • Hallie Meredith, The Open Work Aesthetic: Elite Valuation in Late Antiquity (2006)
  • Anthousa Papagiannaki, The Production of Middle Byzantine Ivory, Bone and Wooden Caskets with Secular Decoration (2006)
  • Theodore Papaioannou, Aspects of the Archaeology of Western Asia Minor in the Post-Roman Period, with Particular Reference to the Thrakesian Theme and to the Production and Circulation of Amphorae (2008)
  • Alexander Sarantis, The Balkans during the Reign of Justinian: Barbarian Invasions and Imperial Responses (2005)
  • Lukas Schachner, Economic Production in the Monasteries of Egypt and Oriens, AD 320–800 (2006)
  • Teresa Shawcross, The Chronicle of Morea : historiography in Crusader Greece (2006)
  • Pananos Sophoulis, A Study of Byzantine–Bulgar Relations, 775–816 A.D. (2005)
  • Yvonne Stolz, Late Antique Gold Jewellery from Herakleion in Egypt (2007)
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